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Poem and draft



Let the Tears Come

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Last Chance

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Say you find yourself at the crossroads of Europe

blue eyes vibing on brown

and all of history just a stain on a museum wall.

Say marble facades and storied tapestries

that have withstood cavalry charges,

the dictator’s leer, and hermetic blabberies of salons

now crumble like a Viennese pastry

flake by flake

into a neon digital sea.

Say the exquisite Faberge eggs of artful science and scientific art

are casually smashed on the grimy anvil of commerce,

while the ancient tribal banners once more darken the land

in oily muscular folds.

What if all this came to pass

while tanned Mediterranean shores went on Urlaub,

and leafy sidewalk cafes shone in the reflected glow

of espresso-dazed lovers, and

evening slowly fell.



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I have been a river

surging bankless

to the dreaming sea.

I have been a meadow

blooming reverence

on a summer afternoon.

I have been a mountain

beckoning upwards

through blue centuries of sky.

I have been a forest

breathing silence

among cathedrals of the air.

And I have been a star

warbling in the blackness

a sad and ancient melody.

Just Another Day

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Her Days

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You Shall Not Know

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An Ending

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