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R. Waiksnis is an Atlanta area artist who has won numerous awards and has a strong presence in South-Eastern galleries.

From her website:

Preferring the richness and sensuousness of oils, Waiksnis paints skyscapes on a grand scale on canvases as large as six feet. The movement, diverse colors and immense power of our skies is a fascinating subject and one she never tires of painting. Using large brushes, palette knives and sometimes her fingers, R. Waiksnis is a direct application painter, mixing the colors directly on the canvas. Striving for a bold, fresh look her interpretations of her natural surroundings is more of a feeling than actual interpretation.

“My inspiration and creative process is driven almost entirely by a desire to achieve a balance within the painting. A marriage of opposites: dark tones vs. light, up vs. down, calm vs. chaos, movement vs. stillness, warm vs. cool.The subject of most of my work, our skies, provides many perfect scenes that showcase this dance.”

R. Waiksnis

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