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The Dead

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July 9

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snowfall-1282There is a stillness at the heart of all things.

You have sensed it in the interstice of moments alone

and in the ebb tide of quiet lovers’ talk.

You have felt its cool touch in the laughter of your children,

or when the Sun’s repose has quenched

the sky’s colonnades of fire.

Patience and tranquility attend it;

passed translucent souls serve as fervent

acolytes in this alabaster temple of the mind.

Yet you have striven all your life for

the dirty playthings of this world.

Your felt your blood rise and brutal rage,

an uninvited guest, visit your heart

and all because–but you have forgotten the cause.

You allowed hate and jealousy to put their plump hands in yours.

Judas, Mammon and Mara smiled at the ease with which

you were led astray.

But now, at the end, the moneylenders have fled;

the boulevards of trade and avarice stand empty.

There is no one left to blame, or to judge.

Clutch your feverish brow–murmur vows of repentance–

shriek frenzied imprecations at Creation:

it will not alter the solemn light

shimmering on the leaves one iota.

The tender universe shines on in grace and quietude

as you slowly kneel down, at long last a true disciple.


July 8

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Darling don’t you know

I wanted to give you the world

in all its blinding beauty

its richness and its glory,

transmuted to a limpid jewel

you could hold in your precious hand.

This for that onrushing day

when I have gone to dust.

And so we journeyed you and I

across vast plains and high peaks of memory,

through centuries of sunlit days, moon-fed nights.

At length we came to rest here, in

this secret cavern carved of tears,

walls glistening with blue depths

of dreamhaunted waters.

We lay down, for I had become weary.

You ran your hands through the golden sand

saying Look, look, father.

The tawdry world knelt down at your feet,

roses melted into hot stars and

the beasts of the field gathered around

and grew still.

Time smiled wanly and whispered

Just this once….

My heart rose like a long-caged bird;

I as well.

The wind was already brushing away my footprints.

April 3

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Tell her goldenrod lies heavy on

the field, and the bees fill the air

with summer’s slumbrous song.

Let her know that clouds are

tumble-melting castle dragons across

a lapis lazuli sky, while the wind has

hidden itself just beyond the leaves.

Say to her that the stream outside her

window has brought as tribute

a single perfect maple leaf,

emblazoned with its own funeral pyre.

Let her know a white-hot moon is

burning a hole right through the

autumn night– won’t she come to see?

Inform her that winter’s come to call,

resplendent in its icy mourning cloak,

and if she could just shake off that

deeper chill in her limbs, she might

pay her respects.

Tell her the land has become

one gigantic blossom,

there is nothing that’s not growing,

and that the whole green world has made for her

a grass skirt and a necklace of trees

she could put on if that marble door

she rests behind

were not so final in its decree.

March 24

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The room is clean and bright

and holds precisely one dying man

and me.

Okamoto: intone it gravely, like a dirge.

Okamoto: gruff gym teacher, 60 years old

if a day; erstwhile gentle dictator of the

court and field.

Okamoto: a once stocky, vigorous frame

reduced to a bony bundle of kindling,

easy pickings for the Reaper.

Skin like a shroud, deep-set eyes

already plumbing the abyss.

Frailty, thy name is man.

Sir: Might we say that you have

simply lost the trick of living?

Far, far worse men than you will

live on, smirking and cursing.

Sensei: They shall be forgotten,

and you shall not.

For all the good you did…was good.

Okamoto: You are those million moments

of joy, of gratitude, of light.

Brother, you shall rest in the tall grass,

and stumbling Death shall never find you,

and your name shall be a prayer

to outlast the stars.

October 3: Threnody

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Wind gently, o ivy,
about this stone:
bower it in green.

Drop softly, rain,
embrace the earth
that quilts this heart.

Tremble on, stars,
mirror our prayers
for this long
and blessed night.