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Little Deaths

In writing on June 21, 2020 at 12:13 am


All your  little deaths have piled up like dust

in the corner. Sweep them up and

toss them in the rubbish heap, along with

those childhood dreams and certain memories which

would wound like feral cats if one got too close.

A day is a terrible, orphaned thing, born in darkness

and slain scant hours later by the cold mace of the moon.

It staggers sightless through its mayfly realm,

searching for a place to bury its fear.

We too are bound upon the wheel, forever

arranging and rearranging the bric-a-brac

we call life.

Love, a penniless relative, waits meekly outside our door.

Hospital Reverie I

In writing on May 25, 2020 at 12:19 am

The blessedly wide window

fronting my hospital bed

reveals as much of the world

as my weary human heart will let in.

A small, dun-colored hawk

the locals call a tombi

wheels effortlessly in the air,

waiting to swoop down and snatch

a bit of sandwich or donut

from an unsuspecting passerby.

It’s happened to me: once on a spring afternoon

alone on the square below with

the doctor’s words burning a hole

in my soul, I felt a light feathery shove

and there went my ham sandwich.

In  exchange for the loss of the snack,

one gets the rare thrill of seeing a hunter

in action, even if its primeval skills

are in service of scavenging.

”You’re welcome to it!” I  shout

as it makes its arcing getaway.

How wonderfully patient the hawk is,

how at-one-with-sky-and-wind as it floats,

immanent and free.

And how heavy, earthbound, and  altogether

haphazard I am in comparison,

with parts of my body fighting other parts,

Like Lear’s fractious daughters.

Yet, just like the hawk,

I want to live, and snatch someone else’s food.




At the Mausoleum of Emperor Ichijo

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In the Hospital

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For Bear

In writing on August 23, 2019 at 2:44 pm

How could it come to pass
That you cease to be?
Why would the world ever let
The lights dim in your fine eyes,
Or allow your strong peasant’s back
To bow in silent surrender to the years?
You have taught me loyalty, and gentleness,
And how to submit
to the golden tyranny of love.
Years of quiet, playful grace you granted me,
On forested paths we slowly carved
Out of companionship and time.
Slights and sadnesses you drove away with
Your fierce guardian’s heart.
Your whole life lay like a great protective
Arm around my tender soul.
Tonight I have hidden your death
Under the Moon’s shadow:
I swear it shall never be found.
And you and I will stroll forever under
Nodding leaves of summer and over
Fields of endless light.


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Having lost the habit of being

I found myself in a new place.

It was emptier than the one before,

one had room to breathe.

There were walls all around

but I did not mind.

On the principle that expressing oneself

is good, I screamed at the walls:

“Once I too had a child!”

If anyone heard me, they gave no sign.

Somehow then, I was wandering down

streets that were quieter than they had a right to be.

On the outskirts of a nameless city I paused

to give a finely patterned moth a testament of sorts:

What we cannot imagine will certainly occur;

Have little faith in the deceptive shine of the world;

Endeavor not to recapture the butterfly years of

youth with the torn net of memory, etc.

I traveled on.

Nights I slept huddled at the base of statues

of figures whose names I did not know.

The buildings, bridges and roads had

fallen into disrepair, but I had lost all my tools.

So many crossroads, so many paths to choose from!

At times I sensed I was near the coast,

but I never saw the sea.

Were those years then that followed one another down

like autumn leaves?

I knew I was almost done.

In some forgotten valley I lay on my back

sky above, earth below, stream by my side.

Peace came then, combing her long black hair,

someone was drawing the curtain,

and I glimpsed home.

Last Chance

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The Dead

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