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One cannot step into the same river twice

Mutters the old Greek

White foam filamenting around his wise gnarled toes.

Altogether elsewhere and yet

As a certain puckish Ulmster taught us

Caught in the same amber block of spacetime

My daughter, a good, sensitive child,

Lounges on our lime green sofa

Devouring Stephen King.

Her great-granddaughter, a formidable woman

Who has spent most of her life terraforming Mars

Is grinning at a risque joke as she zooms overhead in the night sky.

All that has ever happened is happening now

All that will ever happen is happening now:

Your dog’s trusting upturned face as you stroke him

The blare of the TV ad for sweeter breath

Rest snugly next to the flare of the first star turning on

Alexander’s charge at Gaugamela

The dying gasps of the last human who will ever live

Heraclitus stepping out of the cold clear stream

Turning his steps toward home.

God sees the truth but waits

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You see

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Something Less than Pain

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Something less than pain has settled on my shoulders.

It is not heavy and I think  I can bear it,

as I often have the flagrant laughter of

strangers, or the orphaned light of dusk glimpsed

upon returning home.

Listen, I wish to say that I have been needed, and

there were those who were ready to whisper

my name in moments profound, intimate and true.

And, after all, I live still.

Here at the edge of the city autumn too feels at

home. Memories grow sparser, faces paler, and

one can breathe. Inward, outward,

focusing on small things that cast no shadows.

Yes, that’s the way– do you know another?

Holidays are spent admiring the imperial tombs, or

measuring the angles cast by wandering flocks of birds.

Of such careful pleasures a life could possibly be made.

And all the while the silent face of the world has

watched over me, calm and still as a

forest in the dead of winter.

Thus burdened and protected I will abide,

carrying around the life I never dared to hope for

encased in amber like an ancient bee.






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You, soulmate, the one who understood my song–

did you think that you were mine?

A child playing on the shore finds a pretty shell and

cries Look, look, how lovely–as it vanishes

beneath the waves.

Just so, you belonged to me.


In our time love slung us mercilessly

along its furious arc.

I did not seek you; you could never have been found.

Yet we two stood as one, burning with a prophet’s fire.

We spent ages playing in an enchanted garden whose

every blossom we had fashioned out of lovers’ sighs and

ardent glances.

There was nothing in the universe that did not

contain the both of us.


But the world grew weary of our passion and

withdrew to distant, secret chambers.

Laughter faded, the stars shivered,

and loneliness took its rightful place on life’s throne.

A strange new desire crept like a thief over the horizon.

With infinite gentleness it took us both by the hand and

slowly led us away, you to the mountains, me to the sea.

July 30, 2010

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I am
brimming with luck,
knowledgeable in many areas.
I think of myself
neither more nor less
than is necessary,
and appreciate beauty and joy
as much as the next guy.
Hasn’t laid a glove on me.
But as for that
it’s just as fair to say
I should never have been born.