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January 2: Hiking Atago

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Well-nigh skipping up Atago

I pause,

sweating like no true poet ever did,

and listen bemused to the shrieks of the river

picnic tribe far below.

“How can you be content never having

tasted the heights?”

“Where is the charm in pounding lungs

and aching joints?”

Oh well–like Frost said, their water will

never harm my sky, etc., etc.

Climate change has taken the day

off and breezes lash me with velvet whips.

Scorning the occasional view (they’re for tourists)

I furtively slip like Walter Benjamin

over ridges groaning with late-June green.

North spreads before me, an infinite pack of cards.

The forest moves past in emerald waves;

every leaf a herald fluttering with tidings of life.

The fact that some are palmate and some pinnate,

and that I know this– who’s to say

it doesn’t add a fold or two to

the cloud now wreathing my feet?

November 18: In the Hira Mountains

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for not having bathed
ever fiber of your tired being
in that high river valley.

silver water was crackling like foil
across autumn’s riotous carpet;
veridian shoals of liverwort
breathed slow misty kisses;
and a lone cedar
made mournful love to the sky.

Sole witness to it all: this humble acolyte.



Painting by R. Waiksnis

November 16

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I crossed the northern ridge

and fall fluttered into view.

You who feel that line:

I wonder what you

would have done later with

the rich silence that

gentled on the mountain

and the spider trembling

in her iridescent web.

July 31

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Attacked Atago Mountain
too quickly this morning:

the buzzing flies
and silent slopes

were the only witnesses
to my failure.

In the shadow of the peak
resting on moss
I plot my revenge.