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They Said

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Funny How

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Know This

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Let the Tears Come

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Last Chance

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Just Another Day

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Her Days

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To Believe

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One cannot step into the same river twice

Mutters the old Greek

White foam filamenting around his wise gnarled toes.

Altogether elsewhere and yet

As a certain puckish Ulmster taught us

Caught in the same amber block of spacetime

My daughter, a good, sensitive child,

Lounges on our lime green sofa

Devouring Stephen King.

Her great-granddaughter, a formidable woman

Who has spent most of her life terraforming Mars

Is grinning at a risque joke as she zooms overhead in the night sky.

All that has ever happened is happening now

All that will ever happen is happening now:

Your dog’s trusting upturned face as you stroke him

The blare of the TV ad for sweeter breath

Rest snugly next to the flare of the first star turning on

Alexander’s charge at Gaugamela

The dying gasps of the last human who will ever live

Heraclitus stepping out of the cold clear stream

Turning his steps toward home.