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In Love’s Wake

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On the Occasion of My Nephew’s Wedding 

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Somewhere there’s a universe apart from you,

but I swear I shall never know it. 

Oh you divine troublemaker, you soul-thief:

how has this come to be?

Old photos try to tell me there was time

and space before you, but they lie.

If there were such days they have been put

away as one does childhood toys,

for every moment I ever lived was prologue to you.

Darling, I confess that my life now is one waking dream,

that you fill my heart with a pure flame-like 

joy boundless as the sea.

Companion, do we really understand this Magi’s gift

we have received, this magic seed, this silent 

promise of a life shorn of all shadows?

Sun and Moon, day and night, hand and bow–

we are two made one.

Our golden tune shall have no end;

the temple we build will leap skyward with 

cloud-piercing rivers of laughter and light.

And when sacred stone melts into holy sound,

when adagios turn to marble spires,

you and I will walk lifewards in a garden

sighing with flowers and birdsong,

and the world will know the truth of a love

mighty enough to outlast the stars.


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You, soulmate, the one who understood my song–

did you think that you were mine?

A child playing on the shore finds a pretty shell and

cries Look, look, how lovely–as it vanishes

beneath the waves.

Just so, you belonged to me.


In our time love slung us mercilessly

along its furious arc.

I did not seek you; you could never have been found.

Yet we two stood as one, burning with a prophet’s fire.

We spent ages playing in an enchanted garden whose

every blossom we had fashioned out of lovers’ sighs and

ardent glances.

There was nothing in the universe that did not

contain the both of us.


But the world grew weary of our passion and

withdrew to distant, secret chambers.

Laughter faded, the stars shivered,

and loneliness took its rightful place on life’s throne.

A strange new desire crept like a thief over the horizon.

With infinite gentleness it took us both by the hand and

slowly led us away, you to the mountains, me to the sea.

July 21

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how you were never really here,

how rooms you thought you owned

overflow now with another’s presence;

how his eyes dim like

a waning Moon at the

whispered mention of your name.

July 14

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She walks in dripping light

and you are instantly lost.

Brother, don’t you know

there is no patch of earth obscure

enough to cloak your naked, quivering soul?

She is silently awaiting you,

and has been since the oceans rolled.

This is it: the moment when

everything else falls away

and you are left alone

standing in front of a door

no one but you can open.

July 13

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Everything ends.

An infinite universe of thought; galaxies bursting with

milky-white love, yet we are left

only with a cold  tragedy of stars.

This  was precisely foreordained in a sacred book

tossed out on the ash heap of impossible dreams.

And so we grind on for our brief spans,

lost in a forest of symbols.*

Oh, if for just one moment the true meaning of

the leaf’s curve were revealed,

or of that delicate silence at dusk–

how every fiber of our being would sing out!

The oceans would cease rolling in wonder,

the weary wind would furl its banners,

and with a tremendous sigh the world

would lie down in mute surrender.


“forest of symbols” is a phrase from Baudelaire.

July 8

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Darling don’t you know

I wanted to give you the world

in all its blinding beauty

its richness and its glory,

transmuted to a limpid jewel

you could hold in your precious hand.

This for that onrushing day

when I have gone to dust.

And so we journeyed you and I

across vast plains and high peaks of memory,

through centuries of sunlit days, moon-fed nights.

At length we came to rest here, in

this secret cavern carved of tears,

walls glistening with blue depths

of dreamhaunted waters.

We lay down, for I had become weary.

You ran your hands through the golden sand

saying Look, look, father.

The tawdry world knelt down at your feet,

roses melted into hot stars and

the beasts of the field gathered around

and grew still.

Time smiled wanly and whispered

Just this once….

My heart rose like a long-caged bird;

I as well.

The wind was already brushing away my footprints.

July 7

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November 30

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You are noon to me

a sea innocent of shore

splendors have you, richer

than any coat Joseph wore.

A companion to the light

I’ve deemed you

sweet mistress of the moon;

domains of grace embrace you

with Orpheus for groom.

When moment dies

and suns turn dust

and worlds have ceased

to ride

a simple human love

sustain you

your miracle– abide.

Painting by Daniel Lieske