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Having lost the habit of being

I found myself in a new place.

It was emptier than the one before,

one had room to breathe.

There were walls all around

but I did not mind.

On the principle that expressing oneself

is good, I screamed at the walls:

“Once I too had a child!”

If anyone heard me, they gave no sign.

Somehow then, I was wandering down

streets that were quieter than they had a right to be.

On the outskirts of a nameless city I paused

to give a finely patterned moth a testament of sorts:

What we cannot imagine will certainly occur;

Have little faith in the deceptive shine of the world;

Endeavor not to recapture the butterfly years of

youth with the torn net of memory, etc.

I traveled on.

Nights I slept huddled at the base of statues

of figures whose names I did not know.

The buildings, bridges and roads had

fallen into disrepair, but I had lost all my tools.

So many crossroads, so many paths to choose from!

At times I sensed I was near the coast,

but I never saw the sea.

Were those years then that followed one another down

like autumn leaves?

I knew I was almost done.

In some forgotten valley I lay on my back

sky above, earth below, stream by my side.

Peace came then, combing her long black hair,

someone was drawing the curtain,

and I glimpsed home.


Just Another Day

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November 5

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I waded through thickets of green and gold,
on the hunt for my own Eldorado
like a stalwart conquistador of old,
wandering far from all that is known.

A slow tyranny of clouds overhead
–stolid in denial of this earth–
crept along, scratching woolly heads,
indifferent to maudlin death or birth.

The quiet, honeyed heat melted glades;
panting leaves murmured meditative,
and I realized then that every thing obeyed
one timeless rule: live, try to live.

I drifted on through dry cicada tears
and the bluish dreams of doves,
exchanging memories for years,
and visions for a long forgotten love.



Painting by R. Waiksnis

September 14

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Stinking bloom will out
though we have denied
this pulsing in the vein,
sought sanity in angle
trusty borders which remain.
Still green rages– riots
couples with foul earth
spews a rank vermilion
soiling its own birth.

Photograph by Mark Johnston