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January 18: For Newtown

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Such grief might make mountains stop

reverse the waters where they flow.

Anna Akhmatova  “Dedication”


Water sleep with stars.

Oh hold them tight.

Shhh–  let them rest, the little angels,

they’re so tired.

See, they’ve fluttered home.


Father, your heart has dissolved

in tears.

The universe is collapsing into

one dimension– pain.

Listen: God knows the truth.

Somewhere wrath is beating its

dark wings, and the time of the

peddlers of fear and anger

will soon be over.

Since the first star turned on,

who has ever escaped Judgment?

They seek to destroy

heaven with their nothingness,

but it is they who will pass, forgotten,

from a scornful earth.


Mother, your loss is infinite

and unsayable.

You move aimlessly through empty rooms

roaring with their absence.

Light was where they stood, and now

your days are made entirely of night.

Martyr to love, no one has the right to

speak to you ever again, if it be not in

a voice trembling with prayer.

Mother, life has not

lost sight of you.

Fearful your sorrow would crack

the sky, it’s hiding shyly inside

frozen boughs and withered leaves.

Mother, you weren’t wrong:

in the end, all that will last is love.

And the children will return!

This wound of God will heal,

it will heal,

and, borne on bright seeds of time,

their laughter, innocence, and

unfathomable grace will return

to once again light our human world.

Newtown and Gun Control

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What makes me sick is that politicians (Goodlatte is a Republican from Virginia and the incoming chair of the House Judiciary Committee) can make statements like the following:

“We’re going to take a look at what happened there and what can be done to help avoid it in the future,” Goodlatte said, “but gun control is not going to be something that I would support.”

and are not punished for it. I understand the enabling context: gerrymandering, a lobby- and special interest led-Congress beholden to their paymasters, creeping corporatism, a complicit and profit-driven media, the old guard’s trepidation of the future, our culture of boredom and mindless violence, as well as fiendishly well-designed propaganda and marketing by all those who profit from fear and the status quo. I don’t care. America, you are awash in guns, lies, and delusions, and afflicted with a deep and pervasive laziness, a moral rot that is stunning in its sense of absolute entitlement of the individual and reptilian lack of regard for the needs of the community.

Here’s a newsflash, citizens: Newtown is our fault. We did it, we let it happen. In fact, we created the conditions that made it almost INEVITABLE. Remember the nursery rhyme The House that Jack Built?

We reelected the pols who didn’t do their job because of the forces of Mammon and the traitors who convinced the gullible and the disturbed who had weak parents who let their angry young men play with guns that they decided one sunny winter’s day to take into a school filled with the excited cries of innocent children who were just setting out on their long and joyous road of life until the moment….

I personally cannot get the image of those 2 classrooms out of my mind. What it must have been like. Fellow parents, can any of us imagine our own children dying that way? The mind shudders; it refuses to go on. And yet it happened. It happened, and all our little pleasures and distractions, our mundane affairs, and the stories we tell ourselves about what a good, virtuous people we are, and the jingoistic, cynical copies of those stories regurgitated by our pompous “leaders” will not, cannot, will never wipe away the blood of those children from our hands. MacBeth, desperately trying to cleanse himself: that’s you and me. And liberals, your inaction and lack of righteous passion makes you just as complicit as…..them.

The Jewish poet Nelly Sachs wrote: “Ear of mankind/ overgrown with nettles,/ would you hear?/ If the voice of the prophets/ blew/ on flutes made of murdered children’s bones/ and exhaled airs burnt with/ martyrs’ cries–”

I make these comments as a combat veteran, educator, and father of a 6-year-old.

Three ideas:

1. Put up a digital sign in Time Square (and on the web) that keeps running track of gun injuries and fatalities. Even better, let their names and faces flash by, a litany of shame for a cowed and cowardly nation.

2. Don’t just call or contact YOUR congressperson, BESIEGE THEIRS. The entire superstructure of our modern politics is, I believe, predicated on the simple assumption that only the impassioned or selfishly interested will act, and that the ordinary virtuous citizen will not. Prove them wrong, for once. Let them feel the full force and power of an aroused citizenry.

3. A major march on Washington. This unthinkable event could be the impetus for a new Civil Rights movement. After all, are we not now slaves to fear?

I apologize for the length of these comments.
Dean Williams