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November 8

In Uncategorized on July 10, 2011 at 11:01 am

On blacktop smooth as glass
the Portuguese man-of-war
–7-11 emblazoned on its side–
puffs out gas-filled cheeks
and scoots.

Buildings, cars, life-forms dart by
with stroboscopic flair.
Inferior artifacts,
they’re already crumbling.

As for you, you’re plastic proof
that there are new things under the sun,
shiny Oppenheimer new.

Forged in Promethean fire
and bathed in the virginal sadness
of pimply engineers,
you were never meant to last,
but you will.

A stray breeze takes you aloft;
your shadow crawls serenely
over a busy shopper’s face.

Bismarck’s brutal brats, blood and iron,
have given pouting way to graceful
arabesques of polyethylene.

Oh shapeless godless masterpiece,
the mind quails
at your swelling emptiness.

Open wide, monster,
and swallow the sun.