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January 12: A Measuring

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How much sadness could one know

she wondered

kicking idly at the drifts

someone answered

perhaps me

that love had yet to come their way

and they had had their fill

of mute and barren days

she nodded and allowed that

the shine had mostly gone off things.

We walked on.

Tired of being confined to

such obscure, ordinary souls

our hearts took wing and

punched through grief-tinged clouds

seeking solace in some new Calvary.

Painting by R. Waiksnis

January 11: Of the Calmness

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Of the calmness in you

of our thousand lush moments

when blood was banished

and blessed shine came on

beautiful as a singing child

Painting by R. Waiksnis

December 13

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Flat depths

Drifts of empty roads

A tuneful vault clean as digits

The earth shines, an alien jewel

Staggering under your frozen harvest of regret

you trudge on

leering at the weeds



Painting by R. Waiksnis

December 12

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A blue memory of sun

slowly threads its way

across an all-too-human sky.



Painting by R. Waiksnis

December 9

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Stood I humble on the mountain

Witness to a massacre of light.

West of fire, south of flame,

The heaven’s countenance starred with tears.

Now what a gorgeous doom unfurled itself!

Slain by the sky’s bronze sabres,

The clouds lay in silent state till

Awesome night, resplendent in velvet,

Drew close its mourning cloak

Of richest blue.



Painting by R. Waiksnis

December 8

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Suddenly you are everywhere at once.

The air pops like champagne;

Cardinal-mitred leaves chuckle in the wind.

The earth holds you to itself, and

Happiness surrounds you like the sea.

Somewhere, deep inside,

A child has begun to sing.



Painting by R. Waiksnis

December 4

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You, to whom pain happens;

trembling heir to the thousandfold fear;

mote, illuminated by no sun–

the Creator could not restore

you to wholeness.

August rage hums, a tremendous hive.

Every single point in the universe

has its knife out for you.

Splayed like an insect

across a filthy windshield,

you hurtle on, you hurtle on.



Painting by R. Waiksnis

December 1

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Take me down, Leviathan.

Roll my weary bones in

your fathomless embrace.

Listen, brother: the land, my home,

spit me out like a cracked seed.

Better to shiver out here, stormwracked,

under an honest gunmetal sky,

than let them in my life and love.

The brine that cakes my skin

is as sweet as honey

to this willing Jonah.

Blessed now, and wind-driven far

from the Sirens,

this exiled child of the sun

will find his final truth

in surging, green-hued halls

far, far from any shore.



Painting by R. Waiksnis,

“Storm and  Sea”

November 18: In the Hira Mountains

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for not having bathed
ever fiber of your tired being
in that high river valley.

silver water was crackling like foil
across autumn’s riotous carpet;
veridian shoals of liverwort
breathed slow misty kisses;
and a lone cedar
made mournful love to the sky.

Sole witness to it all: this humble acolyte.



Painting by R. Waiksnis