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In Love’s Wake

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You, soulmate, the one who understood my song–

did you think that you were mine?

A child playing on the shore finds a pretty shell and

cries Look, look, how lovely–as it vanishes

beneath the waves.

Just so, you belonged to me.


In our time love slung us mercilessly

along its furious arc.

I did not seek you; you could never have been found.

Yet we two stood as one, burning with a prophet’s fire.

We spent ages playing in an enchanted garden whose

every blossom we had fashioned out of lovers’ sighs and

ardent glances.

There was nothing in the universe that did not

contain the both of us.


But the world grew weary of our passion and

withdrew to distant, secret chambers.

Laughter faded, the stars shivered,

and loneliness took its rightful place on life’s throne.

A strange new desire crept like a thief over the horizon.

With infinite gentleness it took us both by the hand and

slowly led us away, you to the mountains, me to the sea.

July 21

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how you were never really here,

how rooms you thought you owned

overflow now with another’s presence;

how his eyes dim like

a waning Moon at the

whispered mention of your name.