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January 14: Mind Touch the Sky

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Mind touch the sky

seething in silent maps of blue.

Empire of wind and crows

meet your match–

an imagining vast and

lonely as the stars.

Gravity thunders down

in ceaseless waves

landing light as feathers

on bright folds of memory.

The roots of dreams have sprung

up, beanstalk-fashion, to entendril

plains and plateaus baked diamond-hard

in the golden kiln of the sun.

Heartsbreath, hereness:

clouds like great prayers are

traversing with trembling awe

a manuscript illuminated by

the triumphant tears of

this creator’s joy.

December 12

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A blue memory of sun

slowly threads its way

across an all-too-human sky.



Painting by R. Waiksnis

December 6

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The Master pauses


then with infinite care

draws a single blue

line of loneliness across

an altar of a sky.



Painting by R. Waiksnis

October 24

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Say, on an early summer afternoon,
(under a blazing Faulkner sky)
how you would arrange
the powerlines,
the apologetic cough of the neighbor’s
aging Honda,
the underwater murmur
of the Little League game,
and that single absentminded cloud–

August 11: Mountain, Lake, Sky

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Ice Age levers and the fiery earth
took care of two of you,
thrusting up stone and pine,
slow-carving the blue-green vessel
in which I snort and paddle.

Me with my firefly life!

Those who came before us,
they knew the deal.
They understood
that the rocks at their feet
would outlast any empire.
That’s what heaven was for:
a consolation prize
for our strobe-light spans.

The handful of lakewater I scoop out
has atoms from Shakespeare’s body.
That’s what nature does to us.
We will not last.

The light dances down the slopes
hovers a moment
to grace my daughter’s hair
and is gone.