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Meadow at Dusk

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November 13

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Summer’s seedtime.

Flaccid Myrmidons, armies of

caterpillars feast on Trojan leaves.

The slutty air is ripped and raped

by raffish dragonfly wings.

The hills squat,

pregnant with gravitons,

on their fat haunches;

they dribble whole glades, scree and

boulders on valleys that have splayed

themselves shamelessly for aeons.

Clenched rivers of forearms glisten

with the sweet sweat of sex.

Ravens gasp with

surprise at the sultry heat

and then go right on pumping

and thrusting.

The very stones moan,

desperate to

get in on the action.

Crickets are crooning to their ladies

with gravelly, swelling thighs,

while female mantids contemplate

their plucky, doomed paramours.

Self-lubricating Swedish soil

writhes and torques

with green desire.

And from the secret swelling heart

of clouds spew jets

of glistening godjuice!

Alive is mother earth

so long as things screw.

October 24

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Say, on an early summer afternoon,
(under a blazing Faulkner sky)
how you would arrange
the powerlines,
the apologetic cough of the neighbor’s
aging Honda,
the underwater murmur
of the Little League game,
and that single absentminded cloud–

August 6

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This summer afternoon:
how it tunnelled,
a languorous mole,
through the quiet canyons of the day.
“A mere servant of time, Sir…” it muttered,
mournfully dusting the photos
and rearranging the bric-a-brac
until the crickets
and the thousandth Technicolor cloud
relented, letting it stumble off
into the gathering dusk.

Painting by Zoe Martell