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December 13

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Flat depths

Drifts of empty roads

A tuneful vault clean as digits

The earth shines, an alien jewel

Staggering under your frozen harvest of regret

you trudge on

leering at the weeds



Painting by R. Waiksnis

November 29

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Winter grabs the earth

and shakes it like a rat,

rending spongy bones and timber

with its icy teeth.

Made a stranger to itself,

the land chokes on dead leaves and cold clay.

Fields subside groaning

under the bitter loyalty of snow;

fiery white blossoms

have obscured the light,

 fruitlessly spilling its fragile seed

upon soil hard as stone.

The widowed trees grieve–

the snap of their stalactite branches

is an unbearable reproach.

And an iron sky

has forged a hammer of rain

to beat upon the weary faces

of the dead.