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November 22

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Light oozes from the sky.

The violet dusk gently pulls up

fleecy grey covers and

switches on a few faint nightlights.

People lay down in small quiet rooms.

They are tired from their day, filled

with fresh memories ripe for plucking,

to be set on the soft high mantel

of their dreams.

Just before drowsy eyes shut

for the last time,

comes the faint click

of time shyly tiptoeing out

and shutting the door.

Painting by Stephanie Law

September 19

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Fall evening on a dark lane.
People venture out
like reef fish.
Everything they need
is here;
they wear their awesome
ordinariness like quills.
The cobalt sky
merits no glance.
God bless you,
each and every one.

Image by Eso.